A voiceover is a narration by an unseen speaker in which the original audio track is lowered in volume; voiceovers have also come to mean the production of a video or film in another language; or, as a verb, the recording of a voiceover. Alternate spellings include voice-over and voice over. Archetipo is the professional solution for your next multimedia project. At each stage of your production Archetipo and its partners offer the right mix of service, quality and price.

Archetipo can help you with your script preparation for production in virtually any medium. Sensitive to the needs of different media, we can transcribe, translate, transcreate and time your copy to fit your specifications.
Archetipo also provides professional voiceover talents. We screen all talent both for the quality of his/her voice as well as the authenticity of his/her dialect. Both narrative and character voices are available for short term or long term assignments

More specialized services include subtitling and dubbing and we guaranteeing delivery in all formats and/or types of support.

Subtitling is a specialized form of multumedia production in which a transcript of the spoken word appears at the bottom of the screen (if it appears at the top of the screen, its called a superscript). Spanning the era from reel to reel to digital online streaming, we have the experience and the resources to provide you with a quality product you want and need.

Similarly, when it comes to dubbing, a voice over that matches the lip movement of the original picture, Archetipo says it like it is. We are experienced with this art form as well as with the new digital tools available in the modern studio. While voice overs and subtitling are more common in today's multimedia environment, dubbing is still a viable alternative for high end presentations.

In a context of globalization and international relations, it has become essential to have knowledge of foreign languages to run your business efficiently.
With few exceptions, language-learning methods have not changed much in the past 50 years. What you typically find today is the old "listen-and-repeat" methods done with new technology: CDs, computers, etc., packaged and worded to make them seem new.
Can you teach a foreign language rich in expression with only one teaching method? Multisensory learning, visuals, connections, games - these are what drive modern education. Archetipo offers what no other can: the most effective teaching methods weaved together for an unrivaled learning experience.

Archetipo organizes company courses for groups or individuals, which are tailored to meet your needs as best as possible in terms of both the field required and times available, for a concrete return on your investment. An individual test taken at your location will help us to establish the participants' initial level and agree a course plan together.

Archetipo is able to plan your cultural, sports and gastronomic itineraries, advising you on how to best cater for your group's needs. Our official guides will accompany you on your discovery of Tuscany's cities of art. Our theme trips include a wide range of food and wine tours, with guided tours of local businesses and the chance to try typical local products: delicious pasta, olive oil, sublime wine and coffee. We can also organise your incentive programmes and sports tournaments. Thanks to our car rental service, with or without a driver, we are pleased to offer you and your guests assistance at the main airports and railway stations, arranging trips by bus or private car and planning shopping days to the most famous Italian outlets.

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